Aircraft Financing


Financing – Air Sale

Situated close to the City of London, the largest aircraft financing market in the world, Air Sale has developed close working relationships with numerous lenders to the aerospace sector.

For over 40 years we have been engaged in the arranging and structuring of heavy jet transport aircraft financing, both in the Debt Markets and Capital Markets and have arranged and advised on numerous financing options, including:

• Tax-based global structures
• Asset backed securitizations
• Other capital markets products

Financing – Aircraft

The majority of London’s five hundred banks have aviation departments looking to finance aircraft. A large, well-established airline will generally have few problems in raising debt. However, for the smaller and younger airlines raising debt to acquire aircraft can be challenging.

For an airline to be successful in raising debt to finance aircraft it is critical that the airline puts together a detailed and thorough presentation. Different lenders have different lending criteria. The airlines should consider that certain aircraft types are more difficult to finance than others and the location of the airline will also have an influence. It is very important to ensure that the right presentation is being presented to the right lender and covers criteria that particular bank regards as important. It is here that Air Sale’s experience can prove invaluable.

Air Sale can determine at an early stage the lenders most favorable for an airline’s aircraft financing plans. We can advise on which lender to present it’s business plan to and how best to structure the presentation.

Where a lender may agree to finance a portion of the debt requirement, the airline will need to find additional funds in the form of equity/mezzanine financing. Again, Air Sale can advise and assist the airline.

Aircraft finance is a difficult environment but with our vast experience, Air Sale is well positioned to provide the advice and guidance required.

Financing – Structured

Air Sale has worked with some of the world’s leading financial and accounting institutions in structuring esoteric and efficient cross-border aircraft financing structures which have generated very attractive and flexible aircraft financings for some of the world’s major airlines.

Each project that Air Sale has worked on has required a bespoke structure specific to the individual airline and the territory in which they operate. Today, the market for cross-border tax-based structured financing is limited compared to some years ago, but nonetheless Air Sale has still managed to rise to the challenge and introduce enhancements and benefits to individual structures.