Aircraft Leasing

Aircraft Leasing - consultants

Air Sale provides consultancy services to airlines and financial institutions for all matters relating to aircraft leasing. Air Sale provides assistance and advice to airlines looking to lease aircraft and airlines wishing to enter into a sale and leaseback arrangement.

Our everyday activities in the global aircraft market-place ensures current market-intelligence, knowledge of available aircraft, lease rates and aircraft values. This provides us with a key advantage when negotiating an aircraft lease.

For the airline looking for aircraft to lease, Air Sale will employ its personal database of airline contacts and market knowledge to locate the right aircraft to lease at the right price and ensure it meets the client’s requirements.

Market knowledge and experience are part of our key advantage in a lease negotiation. As we are in regular contact with the majority of global leasing companies and airlines wishing to lease their aircraft, we are better able to build understanding of current lease rates and arrangements than the leasing company who can only react to individual lease projects.

When we negotiate a lease, the counter-party will know that because of our experience we have an intimidating knowledge of aircraft availability and lease rates. This gives Air Sale a tremendous advantage and ensures that we will obtain the best lease terms at the best lease rates for our clients.

When a lessor negotiates an aircraft lease the aim is to achieve its target lease rate which may be influenced by a number of factors, for instance the lessor’s perception of market lease rates and their return on investment requirements. However, in reality the lease rates that airlines actually pay can be far removed from the lessor’s asking lease rate. Through regular discussions with airlines Air Sale has an in-depth and unrivalled understanding of what ‘average’ lease rates actually are.

One key advantage of retaining Air Sale to find lease aircraft is the saving of valuable executive time. Utilising our expertise is a valuable time-saving tool. Finding an aircraft to meet a specific requirement: engine type, maintenance status, cabin equipment, avionics specifications is a time consuming activity. We will dedicate, on a seven-day-per-week basis, the necessary resources to locate the right aircraft for our client.

Having located the right aircraft, Air Sale will:

• employ its market knowledge and experience to negotiate the best possible lease rates and terms
• negotiate a detailed ‘Letter of Intent’ incorporating all the terms negotiated by Air Sale
• work with the client to arrange a detailed aircraft inspection and negotiate all the lease documentation with the client and their legal advisors. The negotiation is continuous to the delivery of aircraft to client.