Corporate Jets

corporate jets - financial consultancy

For the Buyer

As Air Sale does not sell executive jets and is not in the executive jet management business. We are able to provide independent and unbiased advice to the prospective owner on all matters relating to the operation and purchase of his or her executive jet.

We provide the prospective jet owner with independent advice on all aspects of aircraft purchasing, including:

• aircraft selection
• aircraft maintenance
• aircraft registration
• pilot standards and qualifications
• Certificate of Airworthiness requirements
• asset preservation
• commercial chartering
• selection of aircraft management companies


For the Owner

Air Sale provides what we believe to be a unique service to the corporate jet owner. As we neither sell nor manage corporate jets we are able to provide discreet and balanced advice to the corporate jet owner on matters relating to:

• aircraft values
• commercial aspects relating to the sale of your aircraft
• aircraft management costs
• aircraft maintenance costs
• crew costs
• aircraft storage, parking and hangarage costs
• flight watch and planning costs

The modern corporate jet is a highly complex piece of equipment requiring numerous very skilled people to operate, manage and maintain the aircraft on the owner’s behalf. Our aim is to provide the corporate jet owner with the reassurance he or she may be looking for in regard to how their aircraft is being managed, operated and maintained. For example, the corporate jet owner is frequently presented with large invoices for maintenance or other operational expenses relating to the operation of the jet with little explanation. We can review these invoices providing either reassurance to their bona fide or make suggestions as to what areas of the invoice should be further investigated.

Whether you are considering buying a corporate jet or already own a corporate jet, our 40 years experience in the aviation sector will prove invaluable to you.