Aircraft Purchasing & Sales

aircraft purchasing & sales

Aircraft Purchasing

Air Sale has bought and sold numerous aircraft on behalf of its clients. We are retained in order to access our extensive knowledge of the market, contacts within the industry and aircraft values. When buying an aircraft we are able to devote the executive time necessary to locate aircraft to meet the exact specification and remain within budget.

When an airline makes the decision to acquire new or additional aircraft it initially looks at the various aircraft listings, which are produced by manufacturers and private organisations. However, most of the aircraft listed either do not meet the airline’s requirements or are no longer available. This process wastes an immense amount of executive time.

By retaining Air Sale, the client immediately frees up this valuable executive time. Our executives are constantly in the global market-place discussing aircraft availability, ongoing aircraft fleet planning and future aircraft requirement, with airlines and leasing companies. Similarly, our contact database is such that we will know precisely who to talk to regarding aircraft availability.

Air Sale’s contacts and thorough knowledge of the market will ensure a speedy and cost-effective resolution to an airline’s aircraft requirements.


Aircraft Sales

When working with a client on an aircraft sale, Air Sale undertakes not to accept instructions to market any other aircraft of the same series until such time as Air Sale has sold or leased the client’s aircraft.

Unlike other organizations we do not maintain a portfolio of available aircraft. This ensures that Air Sale is not conflicted in any way and allows us to direct our entire aircraft sales effort to the marketing of our client’s aircraft. It ensures that we will achieve the highest possible sale price for the aircraft.

Air Sale is also able to support the marketing of its client’s aircraft with its aircraft financing skills, enabling us to thoroughly evaluate and assist a prospective purchaser, ensuring their suitability and a speedy conclusion.